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Event staff, we have 15 + Years of Industry Experience
Our project management style is what sets us apart from others

Our Attributes

event staff

Being professional will ensure a positive impression, successful interpersonal relationships with guest and a lasting reputation with your organization and industry.

event staff

This means showing up when we say we will, being reliable, and taking our job seriously along with the desire for the best outcome.

event staff

As presentation is the primary introduction to your organization, we pride ourselves on proper etiquette, being approachable and physically presentable.

event staff

We are self-motivated, innovative problem solvers that seek out the best opportunities for improvement in our service and clients’ peace of mind.

What's our focus?

Amanzi Blue provides event staff for the special events industry (e.g. conferences, exhibitions, concerts, and sporting events).  Our primary focus is Front of House staff.  We offer a reliable alternative to event management companies, and organizers, requiring event staff but cannot maintain a large pool of permanent staff.


We offer a very high level of practical experience, know-how, contacts, and confidentiality, a true alternative to in-house resources.

Amanzi  Blue is unique in that we do not operate as a labor broker.  Instead, we manage our team and, at times, the part of the event for which our services are retained. 

Event managers are often overloaded with responsibilities and welcome the chance to delegate certain functions to Amanzi  Blue, knowing that there is accountability and a proven track record.


World-class Service


Competitive pricing


Exceptionally trained staff services


A hands-on approach, flexible and adaptable to any situation 


We pride ourselves on service delivery

Guest encounters with event staff can shape their perception of the event, making it vital that staff are poised and capable.
We have high standards for our Amanzi Blue staff.
We seek out committed individuals who want to gain experience that will stand them in good stead through their life journeys. Prospective candidates must undergo a rigorous application and induction process, in which their interactions with others, teamwork, and aptitude are assessed.
Event Staff is brought in at entry-level, and as they gain experience and prove themselves, they are given more responsibility.
As our staff form part of an event team, their training covers deportment, dress code, job descriptions, and topics such as fire awareness, evacuation, basic health and safety and first aid awareness.

Based on client specifications and our knowledge of our staff strengths, we place staff in positions we know the best suit them. 

Enjoy the convenience of having a single point of contact for everything you need.

We can also assist clients in areas we do not specifically cover, by calling on the vast network of contacts we have created in the industry.




We strive to offer a seamless client experience for perfect peace of mind.


A major advantage to our clients is that Amanziblue services multiple events. This means the team stays current with day-to-day developments, and constantly grows in experience and knowledge.

event staff
Join our team

To join our team, candidates must complete our workshop.  Topics covered include Health & Safety, Fire Awareness and Customer Service, with continued on-the-job training.

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